Holmes Intercultural Training

Welcome to the website of Dr. Stephen Holmes, trainer, coach and college teacher for intercultural communication and diversity management in business and other organizations.

If you want a good trainer in culture and diversity, I am known to be theoretically fit as well as creative. I use the tools from my experience in interactive theatre and with my good theoretical background am able to balance quality inputs with well-chosen experiential activities.

If you want a good coach, my life mission is to learn to listen and inquire with my whole body and mind.  My specialty is diversity coaching. My hero is Evelynne Glennie, the Scottish deaf world class percussionist, who also said that her whole life mission was to learn to listen.

If you want a good teacher who takes the tension between theory and practice seriously, then we will probably fit well together.  I am proud to say that I am theoretically fit (at least in comparison with most trainers), but only because I am able to bring theory and practice together.  If you have a prejudice against theory, then you have the wrong man.  If you are only interested in quotas, then I am also probably the wrong person. I am a white, Anglo-Saxon, American man and I am old (66 years old). There are lots of reasons not to want me.  What people may forget is that I am very good at what I do and I have struggled for the rights of minorities my whole life.