I am now specializing as a trainer and coach in English and German in the following areas:

1. Preparation of German managers for America and American managers for Germany, e.g. for Continental (12 times) and for HSB-Nordbank (twice).  This has often been a two-day mixture of coaching and training (one-on-one).  These sessions are usually in English but I can switch over into German at any time.

2. Diversity coaching: At the moment I am coaching a person in middle management in a utilities company in Oregon, USA.  When I coach, I listen closely and inquire patiently in order to understand the whole.  The needs of the coachee and the organisation are always the central focus.  This I can also do in German.

3. Teaching communication theory, intercultural communication, culture and organisation, international business and business ethics for the University of Applied Management Studies (in Gr√ľndung) in Mannheim, Germany (www.hdwm.de).

4. Facilitating Diversity and Dialogue workshops for the Diversity Management Certificate at the Technische Universit√§t Dortmund in Germany.  The workshop language is German.