Holmes strengths are his experience!

Holmes most formative experience was as a young man working in the harvests and as a grounds keeper, feeling the sweat, dust and bodily limits, followed by two years of a similar experience in the heat and dust of India, travelling from village to village, trying to understand and speak a non-Indo-European language. 

As a trainer/coach he has contracted to Continental Automotive, Deutschpartner, CONTUR Frankfurt, HSH Nordbank, Henkel, DaimlerChrysler, Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Parit├Ątische Bildungswerk (Bremen) and the City of Mannheim.  In the USA he is still contracting to the Eugene Water and Electricity Board in Eugene, Oregon.

As a teacher/professor he taught for the University of Maryland (European Division), University of Cooperative Education in Mannheim and Mosbach, US American Pepperdine University in Heidelberg, Witten-Herdecke University, Northumbria University in Mannheim, ESC School of Business in Rennes, France. Now he is teaching for the University of Applied Management Studies in Mannheim, Germany.

As an American Peace Corps volunteer in India he trained Indian high school teachers for two years in improvising laboratory for the classroom.

Dr. Holmes co-founded the International Society for Diversity Management in Germany (www.idm-diversity.org).

Dr. Holmes helped to write up a curriculum for a Master's degree in Diversity Management for Witten-Herdecke University.

Also, last but not least, Dr. Holmes is a member of a consortium of trainers who for the 2007 EU Year of Equal Opportunity participated in the train-the-trainers in diversity management in the countries of the European Union (plus Turkey).  He was responsible for Ireland, Estonia, Latvia and Italy.

Holmes is happily married to Jacqueline Chevalier (half German and half French); he has two grown up children, and a loving dog, Sierra.

Languages: English, German and Telegu.

Holmes grew up in Oregon, USA, and after his two year stint in India, he came to Germany to study cultural anthropology at the U. of Heidelberg.

He loves reading, walking, hiking, swimming, and basketball.