Dr. Stephen Holmes

Holmes Intercultual Training

Waldgrenzweg 5

69118 Heidelberg, Germany

Tel. and FAX: 0049-6221-800016

Email: info@holmes-ictraining.de

Closely alligned networkers:

Holmes is co-founder of the International Society for Diversity Management (IDM) (See www.idm-diversity.org).

Holmes is a member of SIETAR Deutschland (see www.sietar-deutschland.de).

Holmes cooperates with Theater-Interaktiv in Munich in the area of German American relations presented in interactive theater form (see www.theater-interaktiv.net).

In the area of coaching for companies Holmes works closely with Hoeher Team Consulting GmbH in Schwerte, Germany (see www.hoeher-team.de).  He acts as a support coach when German American or gender relations are involved.