"Dr. Holmes has a thorough systemic and pragmatic foundation in Intercultural Communication and Diversity Management. With his long experience he is especially appreciated by the more sophisticated managers. Dr. Holmes has been very appreciated as a trainer and coach of German managers who have to deal with American colleagues. Teaching/training leadership track in business organizations is also one of his many strong points."

Kirsten Herrmann, participant in training at Witten-Herdecke University in Intercultural Communication and Diversity Management, now Research Associate at the University of Sheffield

"This semester we have had many courses on DM but I must say the course we did with you was the best in terms of skills and knowledge.  Thanks for setting a strong foundation."

Muqarram Khorakiwala, Indian Diversity Management student at the ESC School of Business, Rennes, France

"And I have say a biggest 'thanks' to you!  Due to your interesting course I have gained a fundamental knowledge of DM.  I still remember how dialogue process was so effective in business communication.  I have come to love my major in Diversity Management and want to become a successful diversity manager in the future!"

Miao Jiang, Chinese DM student at the ESC School of Business, Rennes, France

"Steve was wonderful, very knowledgeable on the subject (DM) and we complemented each other perfectly."

Donal Lynch, Irish co-trainer for DM workshop in Dublin, sponsored by the European Commission

"Steve Holmes is the best teacher I ever had!"

Dounia Benamara, Student at the University of Cooperative Education, Mannheim, Germany

"I thoroughly enjoyed your stimulating seminar (on DM, SH).  Thank you very much for all your efforts."

Soheila Emdadi, Iranian/Azerbaijani, participant in the Ireland workshop on DM, sponsored by the EC

"Die Kompetenz von Dr. Steve Holmes als interkultureller Trainer und Coach beruht auf seiner gelungenen Verbindung von philosophischer Reflexion mit pragmatischem Praxisbezug.  Das unterscheidet ihn von vielen interkulturellen Trainern, die nur länderspezifische Skills trainieren, ohne über ein leitendes theoretisches Modell zu verfügen.  Es gelingt ihm, durch methodische Vielfalt, durch Beispiele aus verschiedenen Kulturkreisen (besonders USA, Indien, Deutschland) sowie aus Literatur und Philosophie und durch seine Präsenz und Aufmerksamkeit gegenüber den Teilnehmenden auf spielerische Art nachhaltige Lernprozesse zu initiieren.  Dabei ist es ihm ein Anliegen, den Dialog als Gesprächsform für die Lernende Organisation und für interkulturelle Kommunikation zu etablieren.  Deshalb schätze ich ihn als Kollegen."

Friederika Höher, Co-Trainer for the University of Dortmund Certificate Training in Diversity Management

HOERER! Team GmbH Consulting Group, Schwerte, Germany